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Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read through the following Terms & Conditions – payment for an order is acceptance of these terms and conditions and orders are provided on the basis that a customer has read, understood and accepted them. Joy Wedding Stationery accepts no liability if any of these Terms are not met and/or understood that results in delayed/missing orders. If any of the following require clarification, please contact us by email at or by using the contact form on our website.

1. Ordering & Payments

Orders are placed using one of two methods, either directly via our website or via a bank transfer if preferred. Quotes are valid for 30 days and we reserve the right to change pricing at any point, at which stage the website will be updated to reflect changes in costs. To begin the design process for your first round of proofs we ask for a £30 deposit. This will secure the time slot required for your wedding stationery to be created. Once you are happy with your proofs, have done your final checks, read through the Terms & Conditions, we will request the balance of the invoice before going to print. We reserve the right to refuse to use discount codes found externally to our website and will not be applied if deemed invalid for use.

2. Overages

It is important that couples build overages into their requirements to allow for changing circumstances. I advise ordering at least 5-10 more than you may need in case some invited guests can't make it and you need to invite others, or if you make an error if you are writing the guests names onto your invitations yourself. All orders are fulfilled on a made-to-order basis, where materials are ordered in bulk to ensure that individual orders can be fulfilled. There is no guarantee that we would have the resources you require for additional invites or even the time to make additional invitations. It's worth checking though! 

3. Minimum Order

There is no minimum order. Every order is important to us.

4. Short Notice Orders

We don't operate a formal rush order service. However, if you require wedding stationery at short notice, please feel free to contact us before you go through the order process, and we can check our availability. We will let you know at this stage whether to submit an order or not. We will not be liable for missing customer deadlines if these are not communicated to us prior to placing an order.

5. Cancellations and Refunds

    If your proofing process has not begun and we have not ordered your materials, then we are happy to cancel and refund in full. If either of the above has taken place then only 50% of the order will be refunded to cover the costs incurred by us for materials, or to cover the cost of our time spent on proofing, emailing and general communication. If both have taken place to any degree, then only 25% of the cost will be refunded to cover materials and proofing time. In the event that numbers are reduced after an order is placed and materials have been already ordered according to the numbers requested, a refund is not guaranteed as all materials are ordered and cut to specification on a client by client basis. Therefore, any refund is strictly at our discretion based on the percentages above. In unforeseeable circumstances, the above details stand as these are, by law, classified as "reasonable business costs". Material costs still need to be covered, as does time spent on proofing, administration, ordering and general communication. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an order at any time, for any reason. In these instances, all monies paid to date will be refunded. All files remain the property of Joy Wedding Stationery in cases of cancellation. No files will be shared or sent after your order has been refunded, and files will be deleted in accordance with GDPR.

    6. Samples

      Samples are offered and we strongly advise you to order a sample. Colour-customised and text-personalised samples are not offered. Your sample, if not already made up, will be handmade as soon as we receive your order. Samples are a way for you to assess the quality of our cardstock, envelopes, printing, etc. It also gives you a general idea of size and composition of our invitation styles and how lovely they look when all together. Your completed order however will be different depending on colours chosen, finishing options selected and design opted for. If you are unsure of which design or colour of pocket, you can order up to 3 samples at £5 per sample. If you then go on to order a full Invitation Suite, including On the Day wedding stationery, we will deduct your chosen sample payment from your final invoice i.e. £5. Included in your sample will be your chosen colour and style of pocket with invitation, RSVP, 2 inserts, 2 printed envelopes (a liner in the 5x7" envelope), matching belly band and a wax seal. I will also include the matching Save the Date and a couple of other On the Day stationery items. If you wish to order a vellum wrap sample, the same items for the pocket will be included.

      7. Proofing

        Before work can begin on your order we will email you a Google form to collect your personal information in order for the electronic proofing process to begin. This proofing process includes both content and ink colour for printing. The entire proofing process must be completed via email and in a timely manner to ensure that the production of your order can be fulfilled to a schedule. Deadline dates will be given if timescales are tight and these must be adhered to. Proofs with mock-up print files will be sent by email and we will arrange two further rounds of proofs included within the cost of your order. We ask clients to provide us with the information to create the proofs. It is the customer's responsibility to check spelling, grammar and details in the initial details sent to us via the questionnaire and to check the proofs created following this. Although a laborious task, it is crucial that you check every element before we sign off and go to print, to avoid an additional charge for re-print. This is the time to catch any errors before we go to print. Ask someone else to check too as it's easy to miss errors! Don't forget to check names and addresses on the excel spreadsheet we send you for your printed envelopes. Joy Wedding Stationery cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or missing elements once proofs are signed off, even if these elements have been included previously. Clients are responsible for checking ALL their details are included and correct on every round of proofs sent. Please read every email carefully and respond accordingly and in a timely manner to avoid delay. Please be aware that we have other clients who may be waiting for their wedding stationery to be started. We cannot be held responsible if there is a delay to producing your wedding stationery due to you not responding to requests in a timely manner. Please contact us immediately if there is going to be a delay in signing-off your proofs.

        When you physically receive your wedding stationery from us, we strongly advise clients to check their items and report any errors, within 48 hours of receipt, and before sending them to guests or displaying them at a venue. There will be an additional charge for any reprinting required. If there are many errors that need to be corrected indicating that proofreading hasn't been carried out carefully, Joy Wedding Stationery reserves the right to refuse to reprint. If a client wishes to change from one design to another following the issuance of an initial digital draft, this will require a fee of £50.

        8. Typography

          All designs presented use a standard set of typography which we know look good together. You can however change colours of fonts if they do not clash with any floral graphics. We can advise on this if required.

          9. Digital Designs

            Joy Wedding Stationery does not offer designs in a digital form. Whilst digital proofs are sent as part of our standard proofing process, these remain the property of Joy Wedding Stationery and cannot be manipulated or changed in any way by clients. Joy Wedding Stationery retains the right to cancel an order in these circumstances (see Section 5 Cancellations).

            10. Third Party Content

              Joy Wedding Stationery reserves the right to not use any third-party content for which it doesn’t hold the commercial license. This includes, but is not limited to: artwork, typography, graphics and logos.

              11. Bespoke Work

              Joy Wedding Stationery does offer bespoke invitations. Please do get in touch if you want a particular design not already on the website.

              12. Invitation Assembly

                The pockets are all handmade by Joy Wedding Stationery ensuring consistent quality control. The pockets and vellum wraps will be fully assembled for you saving you much valuable time as you plan the other elements of your wedding. The Invitations will be attached to the pocket and the 2 inserts and RSVP will be placed inside the pocket ensuring that everything fits. The RSVP envelope tucks nicely behind the RSVP between the 2 Insert cards in the portrait pocket and behind the Guest Information card in the landscape pocket. The pockets will be held securely by your personalised, matching belly band or by magnets and tucked safely in your 5x7" Invitation envelope providing a protective layer. If you order the vellum wrap that will come fully assembled too. Your Invitation will be at the front with your RSVP & envelope and 2 inserts behind, all wrapped in vellum and held together with your personalised, matching belly band. If you have ordered envelope liners, these will already be glued into your envelopes. Your envelopes will not be sealed. If you have ordered wax seals, these too will be handmade by Joy Wedding Stationery and will be placed in an envelope clearly marked "wax seals." Please be aware that the wax seals are handmade therefore will not all be the same size. They will be all shapes and sizes making them a beautiful, elegant touch! Once you have received your wedding stationery, checked it and put on RSVP postage you can seal the envelope and secure it by adding your wax seal. Just remove the double-sided disc attached to the underside of your wax seals. I will pop in some extra discs.

                13. Word & Character Limits

                  All stationery items have been created using standardised sizing. With this in mind, please be aware that it may not always be possible to include all the information that you want to provide on your item(s). We will inform you if this is the case upon receipt of your information. Pick the most appropriate information to be kept. If you have a wedding website you can signpost your guests to that, for further information, via your Gifts insert.

                  14. Postage, Delivery & Returns

                    If you live locally, we will hand deliver your wedding stationery to you. If postal delivery is required a signature will be needed. Prices are determined by weight and size of the box. For mainland UK, the price will range from £3 - £10. A price will be calculated for you when the order is ready to send. For orders over £200, shipping will be free. To protect stationery in transit, all items are very carefully packaged and leave us in excellent condition. In the highly unlikely event that items are damaged in transit, you must report any damaged items to us within 24 hours of receiving your order. Any damage reported to us after this period will be classified as damaged after arrival (not due to courier) and will not be replaced. Once reported to us, we will send a shipping label to you by email to attach to the box for it to be shipped back to us. The label is valid for 7 days only. Failure to take the damaged order to the courier service within these 7 days will result in this label being null and void and the items will not be collected. In this instance it is the responsibility of the client to then arrange for the items to be sent back at their own expense. Joy Wedding Stationery will not pay for a second consignment if the client fails to return the item to the courier within 7 days. We also strongly advise that once you are in receipt of your items that you check them thoroughly. Joy Wedding Stationery cannot be held responsible for client approved errors and once items have been received any approved errors need to be reported. (Please see section 7 of Terms & Conditions). Depending upon size and quantities, stationery orders are sent by Royal Mail or courier. Where applicable a tracking code will be provided. For digitally printed seating charts only, and where there is a short notice requirement, there may be occasions where orders are sent directly from our printing partner (See Privacy Policy) to your home. Once within the delivery network Joy Wedding Stationery is not responsible for delivery timescales. Customers will need to contact the relevant shipping party with their tracking code for further information. You will confirm your final delivery address when signing off your proofs. We cannot take responsibility for any lost items and if an incorrect address is found to be used, no refunds will be issued. Also note, commercial addresses are NOT to be used for shipping addresses due to frequent loss of items. Your house address is the only shipping address we will accept. Joy Wedding Stationery is not responsible for any damage sustained to invitations during transport to guests. Please be aware that you will be required to pay for the postage along with the outstanding balance of your On the Day wedding stationery nearer the time of your wedding so again, please factor this in. A price will be calculated for you when the order is ready to send. Again, orders over £200 will have free shipping.

                    15. Collection

                       If local, we can organise collection on a date and time suitable to you. We can also hand deliver to you.

                      16. Discrepancies

                        Cardstock, paper, wax sticks and envelopes are not manufactured by Joy Wedding Stationery and therefore we not responsible for any manufacturing or batch differences between individual components, either for items completed in the past for samples, between items of the same type, or pictured for promotional means. Discrepancies within acceptable margins are to be expected. Wax seal colours may be different on samples to those received in a full order due to the length of time between each order and also the variance that can be seen in batches. Batches can vary by 5-10 shades within a colour - this is not a fault with the item, but batch variance. Wax seals are not replaced or re-done if colour discrepancies are noted between samples and full orders. Colour variance needs to be considered by the client. Wedding stationery colouring may appear differently in person compared to on-screen and are also subject to discrepancies when viewed on different devices. We strongly advise clients who like a particular design from a website or social media photo, to order a sample to ensure they still like the colouring when they receive it. Joy Wedding Stationery cannot be held responsible for any perceived colour discrepancies, or any material discrepancy that sits within acceptable margins on any of the basis listed above.

                        Due to the handmade nature of these products i.e. making the pockets, adhering of card to card, paper to paper, making wax seals, cutting card with a guillotine and assembly of invitations, discrepancies between each item should be expected but we will endeavour to keep these to a minimum. Hands are used, not machines.

                        Envelope printing is performed using an inkjet printer therefore minor creasing and indents may appear on envelopes due to the severe pressure and heat they are exposed to. This is normal and part of the printing process and is not classified as damaged or flawed. Therefore Joy Wedding Stationery will not refund or replace any envelopes where this process is visible.

                        17. Receipt of Order

                          Included in your order will be an Order Tick Sheet completed and signed by Joy Wedding Stationery. Your order will be quality checked and counted through every stage of our process, and checked twice before packaging and shipping. Therefore we do not expect any missing items in an order. If items are considered to be missing we require to be informed within 48 hours of receipt.

                          18. Advertising

                            We reserve the right to use pictures of your invitations and other wedding stationery for advertising and marketing purposes. Any photographs taken of your stationery will be used for promotional means once your order is completed unless a request is received in writing to not do so.

                            19. Privacy Policy

                              Joy Wedding Stationery takes the privacy of its clients very seriously. We have a defined Privacy Policy which can be found on our website.

                              20. Copyright

                                If opting for hymns, poems, readings or a venue illustration for an Order of Service, clients are responsible for ensuring that permission is granted to use any material that will be included in your Order of Service or any other wedding stationery item and indemnify Joy Wedding Stationery against any breach of copyright.

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