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Frequently Asked Question

Save the Date cards can be sent out up to a year in advance. We would advise ordering your wedding stationery at least 6 months before the big day, even sooner if you are extremely organised. From final proof sign-off to delivery is 2-3weeks. Foiling takes longer so may take up to 3 weeks depending on the quantities and how much foiling is required.Please take this into account when considering when you need your invites completed. If you require your RSVP's to be returned between 4-6 weeks before your wedding, allowing 2 weeks for your guests to respond, we would recommend sending your invites out two months before your wedding date. If you have guests who need to travel a distance to get to your wedding, we recommend sending your invitations out much sooner to allow guests time to make travel arrangements. Once the RSVP's are in, you will then know who is attending your big day and can contact us to confirm your On the Day quantities which you should have already ordered on your initial order form.

Contact us anyway, but there is no guarantee that we would have the time to make them for you. We strongly advise you to order your On the Day stationery when ordering your invitations and by paying 50% of your invoice for your On the Day stationery, you are securing the time slot in our diary for us to make your daytime stationery closer to the date of your wedding.

Yes. Standard white and cream envelopes are included with your chosen design. Should you want matching coloured envelopes there will be an extra charge of 45p per envelope. Please note that certain dark colours cannot be printed directly onto. We would need to print onto a white label.

Please check with Royal Mail to get up-to-date postage prices. If you have ordered the wedding pockets, we use a lighter weight card (260gsm) to keep the postal cost to a minimum.

Most of our communicating will take place via email, telephone or we can arrange a Face Time for 1 hour maximum, at a time that is convenient to us both. Please read our Terms & Conditions beforehand as these will answer a lot of your questions.

Yes. If you have ordered all your wedding stationery from Joy Wedding Stationery you will receive a discount code if you come back to us to order your matching Thank You cards.

When you submit your order for we will email you an excel spreadsheet along with a questionnaire to get all the information we need.

All our designs come with optional extras which you can pick and choose from depending on your budget. We offer matte pockets which are less expensive than pearlised pockets but still look beautiful. If you really like the foiled look, then we offer partial foiling which is less expensive but still looks spectacular. Alternatively, you could opt for the Vellum Wrap Invitation Suite which looks truly glamorous whilst being budget-friendly. 

We sell our wedding stationery in packages i.e. the Pocket Invitation Suite comes with the invitation & white envelope, RSVP & white envelope, 2 inserts and a belly band; the Vellum Wrap Invitation Suite comes with the invitation & white envelope, RSVP & white envelope, 2 inserts, vellum and a belly band. We have given careful thought as to how we want to present our wedding stationery so it gives an amazing first impression of your big day.

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